Reflection Reflection for anti bullying day is hard to expain, anti bullying day is a big day to stop bullying at schools so on thaat day we watched some videos!!!!! […]

THE OLD HOUSE DOWN THE ROAD At the end of the road Jane could see the old house surrounded by army equipment from world war II, things like rusted old […]

Color blindness Some people with color blindness can distinguish colors that other people with color blindness can not distinguish. color blindness can also be produced be physical and chemical damage […]

Color blindness! .most people >not color blind at all .red blind persons >red will turn into green .green blind persons >makes everything darker .violet blind persons >makes everything even darker […]

Color blindness! color blindness take’s away the ability to see some colors which can effect your life. Nah just kidding it won’t hurt at all it’s just when one of […]

  Roald Dahl! I like Roald Dahl because when ever someone says lets read some Roald Dahl you think , this is going to be great. I heard one of his […]