My Narrative

As I lay down in the bushes trying to get some sleep, I think about why its so hard to get to sleep in the forest. As I think I hear Howling in the distance from a wolf, I cant see it. Im glad for that, I try to go to sleep again.

Suddenly, I  hear the howling getting closer and closer. I start worrying. Now I can see the wolf and it’s bigger than I thought, way bigger. I stay hidden as much as I can, the wolf is still getting closer, now the wolf is about 5 Metres away. It stares at me with lingering eyes.

It passes the ground, it looks like it’s about to pounce, it pounces! I run as fast as I can without looking back. I keep running, there’s a pointy stick.I do my best to avoid it, I pass it but trip on a nearby rock. I look back in horror, the wolf has been impailed onto the stick. I hurt my ankle, I look around for help but all of a sudden I get hit by a dart! I go dizzy then fall asleep.

I wake up to find myself in an Indian tee-pee surrounded by Indians. they’re healing my ankle. I thank them. they don’t say anything at all until the throw me out. They said be more careful next time. I leave, It’s still night time.

And I hear the Howling again.



  1. DAM daniel back at it again with the white vans


  2. Not a bad story Darcy…except I couldn’t read the intro in yellow. Change the colour please. I was captured until I got to the last few paragraphs where you forgot to use CAPITAL letters after fullstops. Think MINTS, Darce, MINTS!


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