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Photo on 5-02-2016 at 10.02 am

Hi my name is Darcy i’ve got alot of hobby’s and things I want to do when I get older. Like I want to be able to play the guitar pretty well, like very very well, I also want to be a photographa cause I think its cool to take really good photos and videos. I also think that making music would be really cool and thats somthing I would like to do. I also want to make youtube videos.

Now for my hobby’s, I like to play games like: H1Z1, euro truck simulator 2, battlefield 4, GTA 5, call of duty black ops 2. I also like making youtube videos I dont make any at the moment because I don’t have a video editor for my computer but when I do youtube videos will be pumped out as much as possible.

In school where I am now I’ve got the best teachers in the school, one of them have got some of the same hobbys as me. And the other is the nicest ever when shes not mad.

I also love watching youtube I currently have 107 subscriptions to other people I love watching: Jacksepticeye, Ssundee, Mcjuggernuggets. and so much more I love gaming videos of any game that catches my eye. Thats why I like games, Its because i’ve grown up watching these thing and it looked like so much fun.

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