5 Ways to stay cool

1. Dig a hole about 100m deep and hide (it should be cold!)

Get a pickaxe and start digging a small hole in your backyard, it’s OK if your mum yell’s at you because when your the bottom of the hole your mum wont even know were you went. Keep digging until at 100m

2. Sit naked in the sewer

Take off your clothes and head towards the sower, when you make it to the sewer open the lid and go down the ladder when your down there get yourself cleaned up in the green and brown water.

3. Do the ice bath challenge!

Get a couple bags of ice and start driving home when you get home put both of those bags in the bath tub then put cold water in there as well, once you’ve done that get in and die! cause of how cold it is.

4. Go to Antarctica

Get on a ship and head towards this big island called Antarctica you will see that it gets colder when you approch the island when you get there you will die from the coldness.

5. Make a time machine and go back to when global warming wasn’t a thing.

Build a time machine tell it to go back to when global warming hasn’t been invented get in the time machine tell it to start and, wallah!

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  1. that’s funny and awesome

    Phillip 🙂


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