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At the end of the road Jane could see the old house surrounded by army equipment from world war II, things like rusted old tanks and assult rifles Jane started walking towards the house as she noticed snipers set up on the roof, she was now prone on the cold dirty earth face the trees around her russled as she got closer and closer to the house, the house was about ten metres and the trees were getting louder. She started crawling towards the front door when she got there she heard a sound it came from the roof it sounded like foot steps, she scattered under a tank as she saw a guy standing on the roof looking at her come in he said in a kind voice, come in and warm up by the fire. She started to get up when he said quick there wolfs she starts sprinting to the door when she gets inside she is greeted by a whole family of people that have claimed settlement, then she saw the guy he said there wasn’t really wolfs, everyone started laughing at her. She asked why they have snipers on the roof and suddenly they stopped laughing and they all got serious, then the guy said we don’t want to think about it, about what, the dragon he said  with he’s beady eyes she asked what the dragon was, they said it was a dragon that only came out at night and is called a night mare it looks like a dragon and a rhino mixed together, that night we saw it and it saw us we were dead for sure. And I was right because thirty minutes after I was climing the stair way to heaven. I had to jump over a hole that yo mama made right, right yeah its true!

     THE END

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  1. Darce,
    Could you please paragraph your work, its a bit hard to read like this.
    Ms Fitz


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