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In a world at war was a man and team against the enemy’s. Not trying to archive anything except surviving and of cause winning the war there team was mighty and guns were too good to be true,blood sweat and tears completely worth it. This is,BATTLEFIELD 4. It was a rich summers day when the team had their first task it was to kill the president of the united states, it was a big task but not for them they thought it was a piece of cake, they just sniped him in his car. which didn’t just happen in the story by the way! Now lets talk

about what the future holds, the team has a war coming up and there getting ready there are basically ready right now, one month later… there coming in hot there’s an enemy gun ship coming towards the team but as I said a month ago there ready, someone point’s a stinger at the gun ship he shoot’s it went crashing to the ground they cheered and pushed up further into the battlefield!

the end


  1. That is a amazing story, you should put more of your writing up on your blog Darcy!!!!

    Great Story


  2. I agree with Kam! Make sure you get a friend to check your work for spelling and punctuation- this will help it flow when reading. I love the layout of your blog too, Darce!
    -Ms Fitz


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