35% Love my family 15% Hanging out with friends 10% Total perfectionist 10% Loves playing games 10% Wants a 1999 Nissan skyline GTR R34 manual / cool car stuff dont […]

this afternoon we made cubes, but not just any old cube but a square meter cube, it was a team work activity  and we had to make it out of […]

As I lay down in the bushes trying to get some sleep, I think about why its so hard to get to sleep in the forest. As I think I […]

About me

Hi my name is Darcy i’ve got alot of hobby’s and things I want to do when I get older. Like I want to be able to play the guitar […]

Cooperative Learning Rubric Contribution to Group Goals, Score: 2 2 is: working towards group goals with occasional prompting. Consideration of Others, Score:

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1. Dig a hole about 100m deep and hide (it should be cold!) Get a pickaxe and start digging a small hole in your backyard, it’s OK if your mum […]

I think Adam Goodes did the right thing, but I disagree with the racism and booing by the Crowd. I also think that he was right in calling it invasion […]